A small RTS made at Gamkedo.


Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant: Project co-lead, initial implementation and setup, unit selection and movement, scrolling view, main interface code, unit behavior and collision, build and construction code, slime harvesting, level editor, animation class, input handling, in-game debug view, CSS, win/loss code
Marc Silva: Project co-lead, art and most animations for chicken, slime blob, pig, and goblin characters, house art
• Vince McKeown: Art for grass, dirt, house and buildings (including damaged and destroyed states), goblin sprite integration
• Brian Boucher: AI enemy army programming and related optimizations, group selection by number key, slime patch organic randomization
• Vaan Hope Khani: Interface, menu code, compiled credits, minimap boundary
Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila: Helper functions for AI, footprints decal art and code, title screen, logo, additional chicken sounds, pathfinding with preview arrows, defeated character poses and fade out code
Terrence McDonnell: Mouse chicken cursor, scroll UI art, feedback cursors
Stebs: Intro song, chicken idle sounds, and pig audio integration
Kise: Minimap main functionality
Trenton Pegeas: Snow tiles, barn barracks and build animation
• Chris Markle: Goblin attack, selection, walking, and spawning sounds
Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte): Gameplay song
Jaime Rivas: Particle effects base code
• Buddie Chapman: UI button support
• Ryan Malm: Bug fix in the audio integration
• Ryan Gaillard: Clicking on mini-map to jump view
Chris DeLeon: Minimap shows box for screen area, credits integration

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TagsReal time strategy

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